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I always liked photography and as a young kid I remember using a Brownie 126 film camera where you looked down at the top to frame the shot.
As a teen lifeguard (mid 60's) I remember another lifeguard say a (skinny) girl got wet in clothes and looked pretty good. The senior lifeguard replied "all girls look good in wet clothes".

I was a fan of the "WetLook" fad in the 70's. I'm still looking for a magazine that I saw around 1970 (Look, Life, or similar} with "Wetlook" as the fashion story with large pictures of three models walking out of a sea. That magazine also had Paper dresses article that they gave a "water test".

Around 1980 a fast food restaurant had a high school charity dunk tank. There was a girl in a swimsuit on the platform and no customers. I was in the lunchtime drive thru and the girl collecting the money approached the drive thru to get us to knock her in for charity. I said "she's in a swimsuit and ready to get wet, if you get up there I'll stop and give it a try". She agreed (wearing jeans and dark t-shirt) so I got lunch, pulled over, and dunked her a couple times in about three minutes. To my surprise when I turned around, there were a few guys lining up to take their turn and ten to fifteen cars stopped to look (like they were in a drive-in thearer).
It was then and there that I knew that it wasn't just me interested in wetlook.

As they say "Find a unique niche that not everyone is doing", and this is mine.
The name Wet Kahuna
Growing up in the 60's there were a lot of beach movies with Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello that had the king surfer called the "Big Kahuna". Thus the "Wet Kahuna".
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