Wet Kahuna's  Splashin-in-Fashion

A unique site exploring the look and feel of wet clothing.

Reminisce the wetlook fad of the 60's  Free photos & sample videos plus full downloads

Download DVD's

DVDs have much higher quality and bandwidth than the download clips ( except for the HD clips). *

The DVDs are an ".iso" file which can easily be recorded to DVDs (ImgBurn is a free utility – http://www.imgburn.com


Special prices for the download DVDs ( normally $35 USD)


DVD 1 -  1 hour  -   4.33gb

FREE on YouTube

DVD 2  -  1 Hour    -    4.41gb
Splashin-in-Fashion Part Deux

FREE on YouTube

DVD 3 - 90 Minutes    -    4.41gb
Splashin-in-Fashion  Part 3

FREE on YouTube

DVD 4 - 93 Minutes   -   4.1gb
Red, White, & Blue

FREE on YouTube

DVD5 - 77 Minutes  -  4.1gb
Splash-in-Fashion  Video 5

$30.00 USD
Converting to YouTube soon

*DVD player maximum resolution is 720x480 NTSC or 720x560 PAL. Only Blu-Ray players with BD discs can play HD clips 1440x1080 or 1920x1080.

Our HD download clips are recorded at 1920x1080 and are produced at 1280x720 for download bandwidth.

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